We've rounded up the best sleigh rides in Montana, which range from quick jaunts to several hour long excursions that include candlelit dinners.

The Best Sleigh Rides in Montana from Glacier to Big Sky and Beyond

Montana is the perfect places to experience many winter activities. One of the most quintessential winter things you can do is embark on a horse-drawn sleigh ride over the snow.

We’ve rounded up the best sleigh rides in Montana, which range from quick jaunts to several hour long excursions that include candlelit dinners!

Sunrise Pack Station in Bozeman, MT

In Bozeman, this company says goodbye to hay rides and hello to sleigh rides when the temps fall and the ground gets covered in white stuff. Feel like you’re sailing across the snow as you explore a local ranch on a historic sleigh.

When your journey is done, cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate by a campfire before you head back to Bozeman to explore downtown or soak in the Bozeman Hot springs. Sunrise Pack Station also offers romantic rides for two that you can book in advance. 

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320 Guest Ranch in Big Sky

This popular guest ranch in Big Sky offers a myriad of outdoor adventures no matter the time of year, but in winter you can embark from their property on an evening sleigh ride — choose the later time and enjoy the enchantment of gliding over the snow under the stars. 

The Appetizer Sleigh Ride at 320 Ranch includes a 1-hour sleigh ride with a stop at a camp where you can enjoy chili and other snacks and drinks next to a bonfire.

The sleigh is pulled by the ranch’s very own draft horses. Get to know them better with a stay at this popular dude ranch in Big Sky!

Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky

Forget just a sleigh ride…how about a sleigh ride dinner. Complete with old-fashioned oil lanterns illuminating a cozy cabin where you enjoy a prime rib dinner before heading back to the main lodge.  That’s just what you’ll find on a sleigh ride at Lone Ranch in Big Sky.

Cache Creek Outfitters in Big Sky

Another sleigh ride dinner combo you can do out of Big Sky is with Cache Creek Outfitters.

Cache Creek Outfitters also has a covered, heated sleigh, ideal for those a bit wary of the cold but who still want a dreamy sleigh ride adventure in Montana. Dinner is served in a timber frame dining hall that is charmingly heated with a wood barrel stove.

Double Arrow Lodge in Seeley Lake, MT

You can have a unique sleigh ride experience in Montana at Double Arrow Lodge thanks to its Antique Cutter Sleigh. Adding to the old timey feel of the ride, you’ll have heated rocks to warm your feet and a buffalo robe to cuddle up in.

This is an especially fun sleigh ride for couples since you’ll get Champagne to toast with during the ride. 

Seeley Lake is located about an hour northeast from Missoula, making it a good sleigh ride option for those spending their Montana vacation in Missoula.

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Cripple Creek Horse Ranch in Trego, Montana

Sit back in a horse-drawn carriage at the base of the Whitefish Mountains with Cripple Creek Horse Ranch. The ranch is located in Trego about an hour north of Kalispell, MT.

The 45-minute ride culminates in one of two options: a dinner at a heated canvas tent or a simple but cozy refreshment around a campfire before you head back to the lodge. 

Elkhorn Lodge Sleigh Ride Near Cooke City

If you have a large group or are concerned about being with other parties, you can reserve your own sleigh and dinner experience during the 2021-2022 season at Elkhorn Lodge, located near the northeast entrance to Yellowstone in Cooke City (which can only be accessed via the North entrance to Yellowstone in Gardiner in the winter so make sure you know how to get there with road closures!).

The sleigh ride package includes appetizers, lunch or dinner, and two complimentary drinks, all at a cozy cabin in the woods.

Bar W Sleigh Ride in Whitefish

Bar W is another ranch that lets you book the whole sleigh for your family or travel group. You can do just a morning sleigh ride through the ranch, or embark on one that combines the sleigh ride with lunch or dinner. 

Bar W is located 12 miles from Whitefish Mountain Resort so it’s a great sleigh riding option for those doing some skiing there. Bar W is a 142-acre ranch that will be a joy to explore via sleigh ride. 

Big Sky Yurt

So, this isn’t exactly a Montana sleigh ride, but it’s close enough and super cool so it’s going on this list! Big Sky Yurt is located right on top of the mountain at Big Sky Resort, and as the name suggests, you’ll be spending some time in a yurt. 

You’re transferred from Mountain Village at Big Sky via a snowcat to a cozy mountain yurt nestled in the snow. Getting there is half the fun since you’ll be sitting atop the snowcat as its wide wheel take you over the snow up the mountain.

Once you’re in the yurt you’ll be seated for a cozy candlelit dinner. 

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