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Check out these gorgeous camping spots in Montana.

Need some campsite ideas for your trip to Montana?

We think pretty much everywhere you can camp in Montana is beautiful, but this article will cover Montana campgrounds that are especially known for their scenic views. Plus, we’ll cover activities you can do while at these gorgeous campsites.

Fort Peck Lake Campground

Nearby City: Glasgow, Montana

For a serene camping getaway in Montana consider camping at Fort Peck Lake, located in the serene Missouri River Country region of Montana (aka northeast Montana). Not only is Fort Peck beautifully remote and secluded, it’s also filled with an abundance of wildlife since it is close to the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge.

Prepare to be in awe by the small wild game, birds, elk, and buffalo that roam around. You can even fish in the lake and try to reel in some lake trout, walleye, paddlefish, or smallmouth bass.

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Bannack State Park Campgrounds

Nearby City: Dillon

Get to experience a real ghost town by walking through what’s left of the abandoned buildings of Bannack, an old wild west town now part of Bannack State Park. Make it into even more of an adventure by camping in the vicinity of the park overnight in a teepee.

There are two campgrounds in Bannack State Park: The Road Agent Campground has eight campsites and is filled with old cottonwood trees, while the Vigilante Campground has the aforementioned teepees and is the larger one of the two. The latter has amenities for RVs.

Holland Lake Campground in Flathead National Forest

Nearby City: Condon

While camping at Holland Lake Campground, you’ll get to experience the beautiful greenery of the area and even maybe get a glimpse of the magnificent wildlife that calls the Flathead National Forest home. Some of the campsites are located close to the lake while others are farther up the bank. Thanks to the thick brush in the area, many of the campsites feel private.

While camping at Holland Lake Campground, there are ample opportunities to enjoy scenic hiking trails and water recreation at the lake — including fishing, water skiing, and boating.

Spend the Night in Montana’s Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Nearby City: Butte

Get taken back through time thanks to the beautiful limestone caverns found here. Escape the heat of the summer as you go underground and make your way through the caverns, which are lined with columns, helictites, stalactites, and stalagmites. Though you won’t be camping in the caverns, the campground in Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park still provides spectacular beauty as you sleep surrounded by the rolling hills and plains of Central Montana.

The campground has a teepee you can rent for the night to stay in, RV hookups, showers, three cabins, and an assortment of tent sites. The campground is open the whole year, though the water is turned off from October until spring.

Also fun for campers is the possibility to sign up for a 2-mile guided tour of the caverns that are available from May to September. You’ll get to see and learn about geologic development, early exploration and insight to the ecology of a world without light.

Finley Point State Park

Nearby City: Polson

One of the most scenic camping spots along gorgeous Flathead Lake (Montana’s largest lake that is home to six state parks!) is definitely Finley Point Campground in Finley Point State Park. This scenic campsite has a secluded campground with an assortment of activities, from hiking and swimming to kayaking and boating. Fishing in Flathead Lake for whitefish and trout is also a popular pasttime for those in the area.

Other activities around Flathead Lake include golf, dining out, shopping in Bigfork, experiencing museums of Polson, visiting breweries, and other fun entertainment.

Extra Tip: Finley Point is just one of six state parks located around Flathead Lake. Our article abut all these Flathead Lake State Parks goes into what you’ll find at each, including campground info.

Woodbine Campground

Nearby City: Red Lodge

Woodbine is wooded and shady with mountains and 10,000-foot peaks surrounding it. Not to mention the variety of wildlife — you’ll have the chance to see deer, elk, and even bears (bring that bear spray!)

Some of the popular activities to do while camping at Woodbine Campground include horseback riding and hiking in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness along the Stillwater Trail. You’ll find a stunning cascade at the end of the 1.5 mile round-trip trail.

There are also fishing opportunities in the nearby lakes and streams where you can try your hand at catching rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout.

Thompson Falls State Park Campground

Closest City: Thompson Falls

Thompson Falls State Park is located in Montana’s Glacier Country, about 90 minutes west of Flathead Lake. This scenic park’s campground is quiet and shaded, making it the perfect place to take a walk or hike, bird watch, and enjoy nature at its best. Boat launches are also provided.

It’s a great stop on a Montana road trip for families with older kids since there is a fishpond with trout plus easy access to the river thanks to the riverside trail — a perfect place for throwing rocks and looking for wildlife.

Makoshika State Park

Closest City: Glendive

Located close to the North Dakota border in Southeast Montana, Makoshika State Park has quite a different look from the rest of Montana, but there’s no denying it is beautiful in its own special way.

Makoshika State Park is famous for several reasons, one of them being the fact that it’s the location where fossil remains of dinosaurs like the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex have been discovered.

The park is also popular to visit due to its otherworldly looking rock formations sporadically dotted with pine trees — which have given it the nickname of the badlands of Montana. Camping there places you right in the midst of these unique rocks leftover from the Cretaceous period.

While camping in Makoshika State Park, you’ll get to experience hiking trails, an archery site, an outdoor amphitheater, a group picnic area, 28 camping sites, and scenic drives.

Makoshika State Park Campground has both tent and RV sites.

Philipsburg Bay Campground

Nearby City: Anaconda

Philipsburg Bay Campground is found in Montana’s largest national forest — the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. This camping spot caters to people with many different interests: you can relax and enjoy the views at your campsite while roasting marshmallows or enjoy the water sports and mountain activities.

The campground has access to water skiing, boating, and fishing since Philipsburg Bay connects to the 3,000-acre Georgetown Lake. You can also head into the mountains on one of the many hiking trails.

It’s also a short drive to the town of Philipsburg, MT where you’ll find sapphires, ghost towns, breweries, and more.

Glacier National Park Campsites

Nearby Cities: Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Whitefish

And last, but certainly not least…the campgrounds at Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park can easily be classified as one of the most scenic camping destinations in Montana — with 13 different campgrounds to choose from there is a variety of campgrounds mixed in with no shortage of hikes coupled with magnificent views.

Plus, with over 700 miles worth of hiking trails, Glacier National Park is every hiker’s dream; combine that with camping and it’s calling to every outdoor enthusiast. Depending where you camp, you’ll get a front row view of rugged mountains, pristine forests, spectacular lakes, and alpine meadows.

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Beauty Can Be Found at All Montana Campgrounds

Montana is filled with scenic camping spots that let you get right into nature. There’s nothing more beautiful than camping underneath Montana’s picturesque skies. Prepare to be amazed by the lakes, forests, alpine meadows, wildlife, caverns, and more!

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