Read All About Our Unforgettable Anniversary Trip to Triple Creek Ranch in Montana

Majestic views of the vast land and mountain terrain at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana.
Triple Creek Ranch Montana views

When my husband and I decided to stay somewhere closer to home for our 10-year anniversary, I knew just the place: Triple Creek Ranch. 

You'll love the rustic beauty of the Triple Creek Ranch main lodge.
Triple Creek Ranch main lodge

I had long lusted after this luxury, adults-only ranch in Darby, Montana. The fact that anyone staying had to be 16 or older made it seem perfect for an anniversary or honeymoon. We were leaving our two kids overnight with their grandma for the first time in almost three years so this was important to us! 

The creek that runs by the Triple Creek Ranch is a gorgeous sight to see. It looks like a treehouse in the rain forest, but nope - this is the main lodge at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, MT!
It looks like a treehouse in the rain forest, but nope – this is the main lodge at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, MT!

Plus, being from Montana means we don’t actually ever go to dude ranches. We just visit family…who don’t have horses.

Though when we dropped my kids off at my grandparent’s farm where they’d be hanging out with my mom while we were gone, my grandpa seemed quite amused by our upcoming getaway. “If you wanted to go on a cattle drive, we know people who can take you on one. You don’t need to drive all the way to Darby,” he told me.

Entrance sign to Triple Creek Ranch
Triple Creek Ranch entrance

I laughed and assured him we were going more for the yummy meals and pampering in a mountain setting that Triple Creek Ranch was known for and less for the cattle drive. 

Though make no mistake, we were quite excited about the cattle drive excursion, which ended up being a highlight of our trip. More on that later on. 

First, what is it like to stay at Triple Creek Ranch? And by that, I mean the service, amenities, and accommodations. Well, let me tell you because they were pretty epic…

5-Star Service at Triple Creek Ranch

The service was impeccable during our stay at Triple Creek Ranch. Upon check-in, we were immediately handed off to a concierge who got us up to speed on our stay and then escorted us to dinner (we were starving after arriving later than planned).

All-inclusive meal at Triple Creek Ranch, a premier ranch resort in Montana.
Triple Creek Ranch dining

After dinner, she met up with us again to take us to our cabin.

She was so upbeat and friendly and gave us a quick yet thorough tour of our cabin and then left us to enjoy it. 

Throughout our stay, any time we had a question about anything or needed something, the concierge team was quick to assist and so pleasant to work with. They even went through our sapphire panning finds to tell us if what we had uncovered from the dirt was an actual sapphire or not (some of them were! Woo-hoo!).

A welcoming concierge lounge waits you upon check in at Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch concierge lounge

At dinner, everyone tried to learn our names even though we’d only be there a few nights. The bartenders were friendly and efficient. We were also impressed with our multi-course Chef’s Dinner and the professionalism of the sommelier. 

Enjoy the delicious food at the Chef's tasting table at Triple Creek Ranch to celebrate our anniversary.
Chef’s tasting table

The horse wranglers also made us feel completely at ease and comfortable, even though we are far from expert riders. 

When you visit the Triple Creek Ranch, be sure to check out the cattle drives. They offer amazing views of the Bitterroot Valley and are such a fun experience.
Cattle drive

And proving just how much the whole state of Montana sometimes feels like one small town…

I noticed one concierge was from Billings (everyone who works at Triple Creek Ranch wears a nametag saying where they’re from) so I mentioned a lot of my family lives there and we’d be heading back there to pick up my kids. Then that somehow devolved into naming the small town my kids were currently staying in where my grandparents live.

The concierge’s ears perked up. “Wait…what’s your family’s last name?”

I told her and she broke into a smile since she knew several of my uncles and worked in the same industry as one of my uncles in Billings for awhile and spoke highly of him.

Small world? Yup, especially so in Montana!

Accommodations at Triple Creek Ranch 

Enjoying the gorgeous view of the Bitterroot Valley from my cabin deck at Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch cabin deck

Triple Creek Ranch has all stand-alone accommodations ranging from standard cabins (called sugar cabins) to luxury cabins, most of which are within easy walking distance of the main lodge.

However, everyone staying in the luxury cabins got a golf cart, which was so fun to use we never walked anywhere! The standard cabins are located closer to the main lodge and are friendlier on the wallet. 

Taking a golf cart down to where some of the best fly fishing is in Darby, Montana.
The golf cart also came in handy for jaunts down to the river for fishing.

In addition, larger, more private cabins are located farther from the main lodge around the vast property.  

Remote, river-side cabin at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana.
Triple Creek Ranch river side luxury cabin

We stayed in the Nez Perce Cabin, a luxury cabin at Triple Creek Ranch that was close to the action yet felt so private.

Entrance to Nez Perce cabin, which is just one of the luxurious cabins to stay in when you visit the Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch Nez Perce cabin

From our back deck, we could only see wilderness – including a couple of deer! The back deck had our own private hot tub and relaxing patio recliners. 

Stay at Triple Creek Ranch and the luxury cabins come complete with a hot tub for an evening of relaxation.
Triple Creek Ranch luxury cabin hot tub
Relax with a glass of wine in the hot tub when you stay in one of Triple Creek Ranch's luxury cabins.
We definitely put the hot tub to use, especially after our horse rides!

Inside the cabin, we had a separate, large sitting area that had views of the TV and fireplace. There was also a wide wet bar with a fridge, coffee maker, and microwave.

Sitting area of the Nez Perce cabin at Triple Creek Ranch, an all-inclusive ranch in Montana.
Sitting area of our cabin

The bedroom area was large and had a second TV you could watch while lying in bed. The bed faced the patio so you can see nature while lying in it (if the blackout curtains weren’t closed).

Comfy bed and rustic art in a luxury cabin at Triple Creek Ranch, a luxury dude ranch in western Montana.

Triple Creek Ranch also puts a big emphasis on local art. Incredible creations are located all around the property, including in the rooms.

Another “wow” factor for our 1-bedroom luxury cabin was the bathroom. It was the most spectacular bathroom I’ve ever had on a trip! It has his and hers bathrooms on each side of the large steam shower, complete with individual vanities, sinks, and toilets.

The luxury cabins at Triple Creek Ranch have his and her vanities and toilets on both sides of the shower.
His and hers bathrooms at Triple Creek Ranch. His…
Luxurious his and hers bathrooms await you for your stay at Triple Creek Ranch.
…and hers.

The fridge was stocked with water, soda, and beers. Microwave popcorn, trail mix, cookies, and chips were restocked each day as well.

There was also a bottle of chilled champagne and a welcome bottle of red wine waiting for us upon our arrival at the cabin.

Included Activities at Triple Creek Ranch

A big plus of the Triple Creek Ranch is that it is all-inclusive. You don’t have to think about anything while there. They even made it clear at check-in not to worry about tipping and that we could add something at the end if we so desired (which we did). 

Horseback trail ride is a popular excursion that is part of the all-inclusive package at Triple Creek Ranch.
Montana horse ride at Triple Creek Ranch
A horse and foal on a Montana dude ranch.
Horse and foal

Included in the rate are some pretty incredible activities we did that were included in our stay: 

  • Horse Trail Rides
  • Fly Fishing Equipment – including waders and poles
  • Sapphire Panning – keep whatever gems you find! 
  • Swimming in the Heated Outdoor Pool
Walking to the river to do some fly fishing in Montana.
Fly fishing
Enjoy an afternoon of relaxing fly fishing at the Triple Creek Ranch.
Fly fishing

We also heard from many guests that the 2-hour property tour was excellent. It took you to parts of the ranch not typically open to guests and the views and wildlife sounded memorable. 

Elk in the open grassy spaces at Triple Creek Ranch
Elk in the open spaces at Triple Creek Ranch

Another fun-sounding activity we would have done if we had another day or two at Triple Creek Ranch was its Logging Camp. This area of the ranch included stations for learning “frontier” activities like hatchet throwing, fire starting, archery, geocaching, crosscut sawing, and branding. 

Enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool during summertime at the ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch pool area

And if you just want to relax in the sunshine and listen to nature, you can head to the pool next to the lodge, which also has a hot tub, fitness center, and poolside drink and food service. We even ate lunch down by the pool one day, which was nice.

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Add-On Activities During Your Ranch Stay

My husband hanging out on a horse during and unforgettable cattle drive excursion.
Cattle dude drive Ranch

In addition to the activities included in your stay at Triple Creek Ranch, there were a number of extra excursions you could opt to add on to your stay. 

Being part of a cattle drive is just one of the fun reasons to stay at Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch cattle drive excursion

We added on the cattle drive, which was easily one of the best things we did during our stay. We got to go to a neighboring working ranch and help move the cattle from one pasture to the other while under the guidance of the two friendly horse wranglers. 

Being a cowboy on a cattle drive during our stay at Triple Creek Ranch near Darby, Montana.
Cattle drive herding
Epic scenery during a cattle drive in Montana while staying at Triple Creek Ranch.
Montana dude ranch cattle drive

Wandering around the rolling hills of the valley while on horseback with no other humans around except for our small group was an experience I’ll never forget. I truly felt like we were out of a scene from Yellowstone (which is actually partially filmed in nearby Darby).

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Other extra excursions you could add to your stay (with the help of the concierge before or during your stay) included guided fishing trips, whitewater rafting, scenic helicopter rides, and spa treatments. 

Outdoor massage tables on the deck of a cabin at Triple Creek Ranch.
Massage tables on the deck

We booked a couples massage that we did outside on our patio the morning before we left. It was pure bliss!

Dining at Triple Creek Ranch

Enjoy fine dining at the Triple Creek Ranch with a delicious appetizer.
Appetizer from the Triple Creek Ranch

One of the things that drew us to Triple Creek Ranch was its gourmet kitchen. The ranch puts a huge focus on its food, with farm-to-table menu items that rotate nightly. 

Fun anniversary sorbet dessert with Happy Anniversary written on the plate in chocolate.
Anniversary dessert

The main dining room is lovely, with large windows and an alpine lodge ambiance. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. However, for breakfast, my husband and I always had room service (at no extra fee). 

A fine dining, gourmet dinner awaits you when you visit Triple Creek Ranch. This beef with creamed corn entree was a highlight.
Triple Creek Ranch gourmet dinner

For lunch one day, we were having a lovely time lounging by the pool and we were brought Bloody Mary’s and lunch right to the poolside without having to leave to order. It was great service! 

Montana-inspired cocktail during dinner at Triple Creek Ranch
Cocktail during dinner at Triple Creek Ranch

An afternoon snack menu with items such as hummus and pita bread or chicken fingers and fries is available. 

We ordered from this menu the afternoon after our cattle drive while hanging out at the upstairs bar and lounge. This lounge was a popular hang-out place before and after dinner.

Drinks are part of your resort package at Triple Creek Ranch and the included wine list, cocktails, beers, and liquors were all excellent. If you want a higher shelf liquor or premium wine, there is also an extensive list available for you to purchase from.

Sitting in front of the wine cellar by the bar at Triple Creek Ranch.
Sitting in front of the wine cellar by the bar at Triple Creek Ranch.

While there was no late-night dining, snacks were stocked in our accommodation each day. Pastries, such as huckleberry scones were also available to grab and go during breakfast hours. 

Welcoming goodies and treats will be waiting for you when you stay at the Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch goodies

During meal time we also could get lattes or cappuccinos, which we enjoyed after our meal in the dining room, or got in to-go cups depending on our activities for the day. 

Fill up on a hearty lunch when you are on the cattle drive at Triple Creek Ranch. Even the packed lunch for the cattle drive was impressive. Look at this gourmet sandwich!
Even the packed lunch for the cattle drive was impressive. Look at this gourmet sandwich!

We also did the multi-course Chef’s Tasting one night (extra fee) which was well worth the added cost. Each course was delicious and we enjoyed the explanation of the wine pairing from the sommelier.

Wine packed up in bags from our multi-course food and wine pairing tasting dinner at Triple Creek Ranch.
Wine and Triple Creek Ranch Kitchen

A bonus surprise was that we got to bring the leftover wine from our Chef’s Tasting dinner back to our cabin with us! Because of that, I recommend doing this tasting toward the beginning of your stay at Triple Creek Ranch if you’re flying after you leave so all that wonderful wine doesn’t go to waste!

We corked it and took it back to Billings to share with my mom as a thanks for watching our kiddos!

This is Rugged Montana…Is Triple Creek Ranch Really That Luxurious? 

See the beauty of the horses on pasture at the Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch horse pasture

Due to my travel writing career, I’ve stayed in some pretty amazing places all around the world (also, just so you know, my stay at Triple Creek Ranch was not comped in any way; I didn’t want to feel like I was working on my 10-year getaway trip!).

If you love horseback riding, you wont' be disappointed on this cattle drive at Triple Creek Ranch.
Riding horse on cattle drive

The service and accommodations at Triple Creek Ranch were some of the best I’ve encountered in the industry.

Plus, Montana’s friendliness permeates every inch of the ranch. The cabins were also incredible: a perfect blend of rustic western flair with state-of-the-art amenities and comfort. 

But don’t just take my word for it; check out more reviews here!

Be a part of the cattle drive when you visit the Triple Creek Ranch.
Montana cattle drive near Darby, Montana

Ready to book? The service starts early at Triple Creek Ranch. You’ll have to call or submit a form online and then a member of their concierge team will get back to you to arrange your booking.

Also, book early! We booked our stay at Triple Creek Ranch 11 months in advance and there was only one 1-bedroom luxury cabin left and 1 sugar cabin left and we had to shorten our trip there by a day due to availability.

A fun turn down treat awaits you on your bed at Triple Creek Ranch.
Triple Creek Ranch turn down treats

This ended up working out since we stayed at Chico Hot Springs on the way to the ranch, but just know that this wonderful dude ranch books up early and fast!

It’s worth it to plan ahead, though. We will never forget our anniversary trip at Triple Creek Ranch and can’t wait to go back someday.

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