Things to do in Big Sky during the summer include the scenic lift ride, outdoor sports, and more.

How to Have an Epic Getaway to Big Sky During Your Montana Summer Vacation: Big Sky Resort, Hiking, Lake Activities & More

Best things to do in Big Sky, Montana during the summer.

Big Sky, Montana is a beautiful world-class mountain town with a casual environment, incredible views, and endless opportunities for immersing yourself in nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

Big Sky is traditionally known for its incredible ski resort, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the resort is open year-round and has some really great activities and adventures to offer in the summer months as well.

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, Big Sky offers a multitude of options including hiking, water activities, biking and exploration, and so much more!

Resorts, food halls, and ticket offices with the scenic lift and mountain in the background at Big Sky Resort in Montana during the summer.
Big Sky Resort

Read on to learn more about the various activities and experiences that Big Sky has to offer when visiting in the summer. Get ready to prepare your itinerary because you’ll probably want to add some of these experiences in Big Sky to your summer travels through Montana!

Big Sky Scenic Lift

Big Sky Scenic Lift heading up the mountain during summer.
Big Sky Scenic Lift heading up the mountain

The Big Sky Scenic Lift is a great way to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain, relax, and make your way to the top of the mountain! Details are as follows:

  • Open June through October for the Summer Season.
  • You will start your ride at an elevation of 7,500 feet and when you reach the top you will be at a maximum elevation of 8,800 feet.
  • Adults: $34 each, Juniors (Ages 11-17): $20 each, Children (10 and under): FREE (prices subject to change)
  • Once you reach the top of the Andesite Mountain, you will have the option of either walking the hiking trail loop and circling back around to ride the lift back down, or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can embark on the trail to hike all the way back down the mountain.

Base Camp Activities at Big Sky Resort 

Base Camp Big Sky Summer Activities

If you are not one that wants to journey out into the mountains or spend a lot of time out in the wilderness, Big Sky Resort offers plenty of fun and adventure right at the resort. If you love being active with some sports and recreation or thrill sports, then Big Sky’s summer Base Camp is for you.

Big Sky Resort’s Base Camp takes over the base of the mountain during summer. Instead of seeing people take off skis and get ready for some hot chocolate inside the lodge, you’ll see families taking part in lots of fun adventure activities. These include zip lines, climbing walls, bungee trampoline, giant swings, and so much more, inluding these three popular things to do during Base Camp:

  • Big Sky’s Award-Winning 18-Hole Golf Course: This course is a 72 par course, Arnold Palmer designed and is sure to provide some incredible scenic views.
  • Archery: (Suitable for ages 8+) This activity meets at Base Camp and you will take a ride on the Ramcharger 8 to get to the course.
  • Disc Golf: If regular golf is not your thing, maybe try your hand at Disc Golf. There are options for the 9-hole beginner course or the 9-hole advanced course. Purchase of the scenic lift ticket will get you access to the courses or you can choose to hike up the Huckleberry Trail to access the beginner course.
  • The Search for Creature X: If you are into escape rooms, this is the activity for you! I bet you have never participated in an outdoor escape room. In this activity, you will be taken back to the summer of 1973, when the resort was prepping to open for its very first season when they are stifled by signs of a mysterious creature! You will work as a team through a multitude of challenges on the journey to find “Creature X”.
Bungee Trampolines and more summer fun awaits during Base Camp at Big Sky
Bungee Trampolines and more fun awaits during Base Camp at Big Sky

Big Sky Lake Activities

Lake Levinsky is a fun summer place to go in Big Sky.

Just down from the base of Big Sky is Lake Levinsky, a fun place go on a hot summer day for some swimming, kayaking, pedal boating, fishing, and more.

Lake Levinsky in Big Sky Resort has lots of water sports equipment.

If you’re staying at Big Sky, you an even get a weeklong pass through for the watersports equipment for just $89 for four people. Hourly and day rates are also available.

Big Sky, MT also has much to offer visitors beyond its famous mountain resort.

Best Hiking in Big Sky

Ousel Falls Hike during summer in Big Sky Montana.
Ousel Falls Hike

Hiking is huge in Big Sky during the summer months. There are a variety of trails including various levels of difficult as well guided tours. Some of the most popular trails include the following:

  • Ousel Falls: This is considered a casual, beginner friendly hiking trail. With only being 1.5 miles round trip, it makes for a quick adventure that won’t completely exert all of your energy. You will have a nice hike through the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River. This is appropriate for all ages and makes for a great family hiking trail. My daughters did with no problems when they were 3.5 and six years old. Just be aware the hike back up to the parking lot is at an incline (but with lots of switchbacks).
  • Beehive Basin: This trail is considered a medium level of difficulty. The difficulty itself is not incredibly high, but it is lengthier than Ousel Falls. This trail comes in at 6.6 miles round trip. On this trail, you will experience stunning views and access to beautiful lakes. The path itself is a bit easier because it is a well-traveled path making easy access to make your way through the trail.
  • Summit Lake: If you are looking to challenge yourself, the Summit Lake trail is the one for you. Coming in at 15.7 miles round trip, the Summit Lake trail is a long and challenging experience. This lengthy hike will put you into Montana’s high alpine environment.

Whitewater Rafting in Big Sky

Whitewater rafting is a fun and exciting activity to do in Big Sky. Depending on the tour outfitter, you can find both half and full-day excursions around Big Sky.

You’ll be fully equipped with the proper safety gear and equipment as well as have a knowledgeable guide to make sure you are safe and enjoy your experience. There is a range of difficulties in this experience, including gentle rapids as well as crashing whitewater.

Click here for more info on whitewater rafting in Montana.

Big Sky Fly Fishing

Gallatin River Near Big Sky in Montana
Gallatin River

Fly fishing is an incredibly popular experience in Big Sky. Fly fishing involves the use of an artificial fly on a specialized weighted line in order to catch fish, and it’s a quintessential Montana experience. Big Sky is a great place to try it since it’s close to blue-ribbon trout streams plus the Gallatin River.

Mountain Biking in Big Sky

If hiking isn’t your thing but you still want to get out on the trails and enjoy nature, you may want to check out mountain biking.

Big Sky offers the flexibility of riding on your own or hitting the trails with an experienced coach. Another great opportunity includes Big Sky’s Adult Bike Clinics, in these clinics, you will learn from some of the pros how to advance your skills and even learn a few bike tricks along the way.

Don’t Miss Summer Adventures in Big Sky Montana!

If you are someone that loves the outdoors and likes spending time in nature, I would highly recommend checking out Big Sky Resort. You will discover some incredible views, fun activities, and so much to learn out in nature.

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