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The Best Places to Stay In and Near Yellowstone National Park

Figuring out where to stay in Yellowstone National Park can be daunting. The park is so vast, the lodges within Yellowstone are all quite different, and you’ve possibly already heard the news that they book up almost immediately upon release.

We are here to help you get a good grasp of lodging in Yellowstone National Park so you can pick the best place to stay for your personal vacation needs and wants.

Accommodations In Yellowstone National Park

Typically, the most coveted accommodations are the ones located inside the park. Not only are many of these historic lodges with beautiful log architecture, but they also can break up otherwise long driving days between entrances if doing the loop drives through the park.

These accommodations do come with a caveat, though. There are no televisions, phones, or air conditioning in the rooms or cabins that are located inside Yellowstone National Park. This is to encourage you to get out into the great outdoors you’re there to see!

There are nine different places where you can stay within Yellowstone National Park’s borders, all of which are operated by the Xanterra travel corporation. The rooms and the amenities can vary greatly from lodge to lodge within the park, as does the price.

You also have to be quick to book and book early, pretty much as soon as reservations open for the time period you’re visiting.

When Do Reservations Open for Yellowstone National Park Lodges?

Yellowstone has it on a sliding window of roughly 13 months. On the 5th of each month, reservations for the that same month the following year opens. So, for example, on August 5, 2022, reservations will open and be available to book for August 1 through August 31 in 2023.

You can book reservations online beginning at midnight (12:00 a.m.) Mountain time on the 5th of each month, or over the phone beginning at 7:00 a.m. Mountain time on the 5th.

Are Yellowstone National Park Lodges Expensive?

While the suites can be quite expensive, most hotels in the park have a very reasonably priced standard room, (even the extremely coveted Old Faithful Inn has some good deals if you book early enough to get one of the rooms in the original part that have shared bathrooms). Also, a hint for families — the cabins are often older so if you don’t mind some outdated decor and amenities, you can often save money staying in these while having more space!

What are the Options for Where to Stay in Yellowstone?

Read on for a break down of each lodge within the park’s borders. We’ll also include tips on where to stay near Yellowstone National Park if you can’t get a reservation in the park.

When you are planning your next trip to Yellowstone National Park, be sure to see Old Faithful by the Old Faithful Inn.
Old Faithful by the Lodge

Old Faithful Inn

  • Open: early May – Mid October
  • Accommodation Type: Studios and Suites with ensuite bathrooms, plus studios with shared baths.
  • Cost: $150+ for rooms with shared baths; $295+ for rooms with ensuite bath (Expect to pay $600+ for a suite)
  • Tips: try to book a premium room on the west side to increase your chances of seeing Old Faithful geyser from your room, though even there your view may be obstructed by trees.
  • Dining: Restaurant, Lounge, Snack Bar
  • Nearest Entrance: South Entrance, next closest is West Entrance

Old Faithful Inn is the creme de la creme of lodging located within the borders of Yellowstone National Park. It’s a hotel that is so beautiful and well-preserved that it’s even a National Historic Landmark. So, have your finger ready to book as soon as they open for the following year.

Construction began on Old Faithful Inn in 1903 using locally sourced logs and stone, and to this day, it is considered the largest log structure in this world. In addition to that beautiful log exterior, the interior features a gorgeous rustic lobby with gilded accents. Best of all, it’s right within walking distance of Old Faithful and you can even see the spout of the geyser from the windows when it blows every hour (or so).

The rooms that don’t have bathrooms come with the bonus of being the most historic since they are located in the original part of the inn before it was expanded.

Even if you aren’t able to stay here, you should plan to walk around the grounds while visiting Old Faithful. The inn also has an excellent gift shop.

Old Faithful Lodge

  • Cost: Shared bath from $116 and Ensuite Cabins from $192
  • Accommodation Types: Cabins with ensuite and Cabins with no bath (shared bathhouse). A limited number of pet-friendly cabins, too.
  • Open Times: Mid-May to the Beginning of October
  • Nearest Entrance: South Entrance, next closest is West Entrance

A historic lodge dating back to the 1920s that houses a cafeteria and bakery as well as a gift shop. Behind the lodge is where you’ll find the accommodations: a series of cabins, some of which have ensuites and some which have shared bathroom facilities.

The cabins are simple but cozy; however, you’ll likely want to spend quite a bit of time at the lodge where you have an excellent view of Old Faithful when it erupts.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge is a great place to stay in Yellowstone on your next trip!
Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Old Faithful Snow Lodge

  • Cost: Cabins 132+ Rooms 309+
  • Room Types: Lodge Rooms with 1 King or 2 Queens, Cabins with 1 Double, 2 Double, or 2 Queens
  • Open Times: Summer: Late April to Late October Winter: Early December through late February
  • Nearest Entrance: South Entrance
  • Dining: Restaurant, Fast-Food Grill

Old Faithful Snow Lodge consists of a series of cabins that were built in 1989 in addition to the main lodge and its rooms, which were completed in 1999, making it one of the newest hotels in Yellowstone National Park.

The Lodge is made of beautiful timber and the interior has cozy, rustic-chic touches in both the lobby and the rooms.

Winter at Old Faithful Snow Lodge

In the winter months, you can have a truly unique experience at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. It is one of only two lodges open during winter within the borders of Yellowstone National Park. And adding to the winter wonderland charm is that Old Faithful Snow Lodge can only be accessed via snow coach.

So say goodbye to your car and hello to the winter beauty surrounding you once you reach the lodge!

During your stay, you can take additional snowcoach rides on tours that take you to some of Yellowstone’s best winter sites. Also, rent skis or snowshoes for some unforgettable cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the park.

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Grant Village Lodging is one of the best places to stay in Yellowstone.
Grant Village Lodge

Grant Village

  • Cost: $291
  • Opening Times: Late May to Early October
  • Rooms: 2 Doubles or 1 Queen
  • Nearest Entrance: South

Grant Village is a simple lodge with multiple hotel-style buildings each housing 50 rooms. Be warned there are no elevators! But climb those stairs (or request a first-floor room if available) and you will find tastefully decorated accommodation with modern bathrooms.

The Lodge at Grant Village is located by the western edge of Yellowstone Lake and you’re within walking distance of the incredible Lake House Restaurant, located right on the water. There is also the Grant Village Restaurant for dining as well as the Grant Village Bar.

When you are planning your next trip to Yellowstone, be sure to stop and see the gorgeous views.
Gorgeous view of Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Lodge

  • Cost: Lodge Rooms $321+ Cabins $276+ 2 BR Suites $659+
  • Room Types: 1-2 Queen Bed Rooms, 2-BR Suites, Cabins
  • Opening Times: Late May to Mid October
  • Nearest Entrance: North Entrance

Canyon Lodge is the largest accommodation facility in Yellowstone National Park, with over 500 rooms and cabins, with the rooms spread out over five different hotel-style lodges.

Canyon Lodge recently underwent the largest ever sustainable lodging building project within the National Park Service, making it a great place to stay for eco-conscious travelers with all the new lodge buildings being LEED-certified.

The new rooms are modern with light pine wood touches and energy-efficient windows. The rooms part of this new build include 2-bedroom Suites, Superior Lodge Rooms, and Standard Lodge Rooms.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is one of the places you should stay on your next trip to Yellowstone National Park.
Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hotel

  • Room Types: Rooms with 1 or 2 Queens and ensuite, Cabins with 1 or 2 rooms/queens and no bath (shared bath facilities available)
  • Cost: 112+ shared bath $188+ ensuite, Cabins w/ Bath 188+ w/out Bath 112+, Hotel Rooms $277+
  • Open Times: Summer and Shoulder Season: May to October; Winter: Mid-December to Early March
  • Nearest Entrance: North

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel recently underwent a $30 million renovation that was 20 years in the making. The renovations took four years and were completed in 2019. The redesign aimed to restore the original Art Moderne influences of the hotel.

Carpet, railings, and other aspects of the hotel were upgraded using sustainable resources, while the rooms also all got a makeover. Hotel rooms that didn’t have an attached bathroom got one added. Now all the rooms in the hotel have ensuite baths and some even have the refurbished clawfoot tubs from the original hotel!

(Keep in mind when booking that some of the cabins at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel still have shared baths.)

Mammoth Hotel has four hot tub cabins, too. These are especially popular, so book right away if you want one!

Insider Tip: Even if you don’t stay here, stop in Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel to check out the incredible map room, a historic room that was added to the hotel in the 1930s. It features a beautiful wood map of the United States that was made using 2,544 pieces of wood.

Winter Fun at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

Mammoth Hotel is one of only two hotels in the park that is open for the Yellowstone winter season. This can be a great time to visit Yellowstone since the crowds have left and the cold makes those hot springs and geyser basins look extra steamy and mystical against the snow.

When you stay at Mammoth Hotel in the winter you can easily do cross-country skiing thanks to an onsite rental shop. There are also winter tours you can do, including day trips for downhill skiing, seeing Old Faithful, and exploring the North Geyser Basin via a guided tour.

If you need a great place to stay on your next trip to Yellowstone, check out Yellowstone Lake Hotel.
Yellowstone Lake Hotel

Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cottages

  • Cost: Standard Rooms 225+ Premium Rooms $291+ Suites $600+
  • Room Types: Standard and Premium Rooms with two doubles, 1 or 2 queens, or 1 king; Suites with 1 King or 1 King and 1 Queen
  • Opening Times: Mid May to Late September
  • Nearest Entrance: South or East

Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cottages has quite a different look from the other log structures and rustic lodges in the park.

Instead, the Lake Yellowstone Hotel has a gorgeous Colonial Revival facade with stately white columns at the entrance that was beautifully renovated in 2014 to its original luster.

Shortly after in 2015, the hotel was named a National Historic Landmark. After its renovation, it was also given the Green Seal Lodging Certification for sustainable operations.

Inside you’ll find gleaming floors, white-clothed tabletops at the restaurant, and a grand piano by a seating area overlooking views of Yellowstone Lake. The rooms are decorated to complement the Colonial Revival design of the hotel, while still being modernly appointed.

In addition to the fine dining restaurant, there is a cafe on-site and a more casual restaurant that’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You'll find rustic, enjoyable lodging at Lake Lodge Cabins when you visit Yellowstone National Park.
Lake Lodge Cabins

Lake Lodge Cabins

  • Cost: $170+
  • Room Types: Cabins with 1 Queen, 1 Double, or 2 Doubles
  • Opening Times: Early June through Late September
  • Nearest Entrance: South or East

Lake Lodge Cabins is a great place for those looking for a private setting with some lodge facilities. You’ll stay in your tastefully appointed multi-plex-style cabin, all of which have ensuite bathrooms. The cabins are decorated in a western or frontier theme.

When you’d like to mingle with others or relax in a different setting head to the lodge.

The log lodge has a lovely stone fireplace and lots of cozy cabin-y features plus a lounge and gift shop. I especially love the lodge’s long porch lined with rocking chairs overlooking Yellowstone Lake.

Roosevelt Lodge

  • Cost: $109+
  • Accommodation Types: Cabins with 1, 2, or 3 Doubles and no bath (shared bath facilities available) plus Cabins with two doubles and an ensuite.
  • Opening Times: Early June to Early September
  • Nearest Entrance: Northeast

Built in 1920, Roosevelt Lodge gets its name because it’s located near a campsite where President Teddy Roosevelt used to camp. It’s also located near Yellowstone’s popular Tower Falls area, making it a great base for those exploring this part of the park.

The Lodge has a gift shop and restaurant with a relaxing front porch dotted with wooden rocking chairs, while the cabins are cute little standalone structures.

The cabins with shared bath facilities are very rustic, so don’t be surprised when you find out you have to heat it yourself with the wood stove! But it’s also a great price point and will have you feeling like you’re getting in touch with the great outdoors (without having to camp!).

Roosevelt Lodge is also a great spot from which to do a horseback riding excursion.

When planning your next trip to Yellowstone, be sure to check out the Lake House restaurant.
Lake House Restaurant

Best Places to Stay Near Yellowstone National Park

Are the above lodges all booked up? Or are you looking for additional amenities, (like, you know…television and A/C)? But you still want to be right by the wonders of the park? Then plan to stay in one of the entrance towns.

Yellowstone National Park has five entrances, three of which are in Montana and two in Wyoming. Since this is a Montana blog, we’ll start with the Montana entrances. 😉

Places to Stay Near Yellowstone’s West Entrance in West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is the busiest entrance to the park during peak season. The downtown area of West Yellowstone caters to this and has many hotels. West Yellowstone is just a couple of miles from the entrance point to the park.

Top Pick Golden Stone Inn: This modern hotel has cabins and triplexes designed around a grassy area and two central fire pits (where you can roast some marshmallows with the complimentary s’mores kits). You can set up a digital key to your room on your smartphone if you don’t want to deal with keys, which I’d never seen at a hotel before. We loved our stay here. The rooms are clean and smartly designed, with plenty of room for boots and other equipment and even dedicated places to put fishing poles. Each cabin and triplex has a front porch where you can relax on comfy chairs. The lobby is warm and welcoming and is adjacent to the common room where breakfast is served.

—> Click here for pictures and prices for Golden Stone Inn.

  • Couples1872 Inn: This adults-only boutique hotel is perfect for couples looking for a romantic place to stay near Yellowstone National Park. The exterior has a wild west feel while the rustic-chic rooms feature locally-crafted headboards and other wood accents plus beautiful, modern bathrooms.

—> Click here for pictures and prices for 1872 Inn.

  • FamiliesExplorer Cabins at Yellowstone: These cute and cozy cabins hit all the right marks for families traveling to Yellowstone. The cabins each have a kitchenette, TV, and Wi-Fi, and are tastefully decorated. You’ll even get a complimentary s’mores kit upon check-in. Also, it’s right by the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, which is a popular spot to visit in West Yellowstone for families.

—> Click here for pictures and prices for Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone.

  • UniqueUnder Canvas Yellowstone: Jump on the glamping bandwagon with a stay at Under Canvas Yellowstone, which has heated, luxury canvas tents, some of which even have separate sleeping areas (great for families) or windows overhead for romantic stargazing.

—> Click here for pictures and prices for Under Canvas Yellowstone.

Places to Stay Near Yellowstone’s North Entrance in Gardiner

The north entrance is the only one open year-round for access to Yellowstone National Park. Entering via the entrance by Gardiner, MT conveniently puts you close to Mammoth Hot Springs and all its attractions.

Gardiner has a short main street and some spectacular views; it’s right on the southern edge of Montana’s famed Paradise Valley.

  • Unique PickDreamcatcher Tipi Hotel: This unique place to stay near Yellowstone features teepee accommodation. It is located on the outskirts of town, right off the freeway yet nestled so privately against the mountainside that you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of Yellowstone’s north entrance. Travel Montana Now team member, Nancy, stayed here with friends during a girl’s trip to Yellowstone and they all had a wonderful time.
  • Families Ridgeline Hotel: This modern hotel has rustic touches so you still feel like you’re having a Montana vacation while not sacrificing any of the comforts of home. Making it a hit for families is the large indoor pool that is framed by beautifully-stained wood walls and is adjacent to an indoor hot tub. It also has an onsite restaurant, the Yellowstone Mine Restaurant, which has an Old West theme and good steaks.

—> Click here for pictures and prices for Ridgeline Hotel.

  • Couples–For couples, head a bit farther north of Gardiner to Pray, Montana (about 40 minutes). There, nestled in the Paradise Valley, you’ll find the uber-luxurious Sage Lodge and the rustic, but upscale Chico Hot Springs Resort.

Places to Stay Near Yellowstone’s Northeast Entrance in Cooke City

Cooke City is a great place to stay for those coming to Yellowstone via the Beartooth Highway since this is the town where it ends. Cooke City is also the entrance closest to Lamar Valley, which is often considered to be the best place to spot wildlife in Yellowstone.

  • Antler’s Lodge: A peaceful little mountain resort with a main lodge and cabins. Located close to town, but with a remote feel. Modern, updated rooms.
  • Alpine Motel: Great value with simple, but clean rooms and rustic decor.
  • Elk Horn Lodge: Centrally located and clean accommodations offering standard rooms or log cabins.

Places to Stay Near Yellowstone’s East Entrance in Cody

For those coming from the eastern half of Wyoming and not driving through Grand Teton National Park, Cody is likely where you’ll enter the park. Cody has a wild west vibe in its downtown area with several museums (check out the Buffalo Bill Center of the West) and other historic attractions plus many eateries.

  • Best Western Premier Ivy Inn & Suites: For those looking for a more upscale vibe in Cody, this is a good choice. Onsite pool, hot tub, and fitness center plus a cocktail bar and restaurant.
  • Chamberlin Inn: A historic hotel filled with antiques plus a sunroom and bar. Small, but tastefully decorated rooms. A great choice for couples and within walking distance to downtown.
  • Cody Cowboy Village: Rustic accommodations with a log cabin vibe and luxury bedding. Also has a 30-person outdoor hot tub with a soothing waterfall feature.

Places to Stay Near Yellowstone’s South Entrance in Jackson

Unlike the other entrances, the south entrance doesn’t have a busy tourist town right outside it. That’s because the south entrance is located just to the north of Grand Teton National Park. You leave Grand Teton, drive through a national forest for less than 30 minutes, and then reach Yellowstone’s south entrance. And there’s not much except nature and wildlife between the two.

Still, for people wanting to visit both parks and not have to move around at night, you do have options. Your best bet is to stay in Jackson Lake Lodge or Signal Mountain Lodge, which are both right within the top half of Grand Teton National Park. As with all national park lodges, these lodges fill up quickly!

If you can’t get a room in the park, you can stay in the popular mountain town of Jackson, located just south of Grand Teton National Park, and then get up early to do the drive to Yellowstone’s south entrance, which will take roughly 90 minutes without stopping. (It can take considerably longer during peak season if you don’t get up at the break of dawn since you’ll likely encounter traffic through the park.) A few good options for where to stay in Jackson are:

  • Wort Hotel: Want to splurge? Jackson is known for its luxury, celebrity-worthy accommodations and one such place is the Wort Hotel.
  • Huff House Inn & Cabins: An upscale boutique hotel with several cabins and five rooms in the main house. Located just a couple of blocks from Jackson Town Square.
  • Flat Creek Inn: Good value with modern, comfortable decor. Located right across from the National Elk Refuge and boasts beautiful mountain views.

You can also stay in sleepier Wilson, 10 miles to the west of Jackson (we LOVED our stay at Bentwood Inn!).

Or, stay in the closest town to the northeast edge of the park: Moran, located near Oxbow Bend. Moran is home to several lodges and vacation rentals. It doesn’t have the glamour of Jackson, but it does place you more squarely in between the two parks.

And Remember — Book Your Yellowstone Lodging Earlier!

Just keep in mind that no matter where you want to stay, the sooner you book, the better. Most places have decent cancellation policies (but always double-check) so if you think there’s a chance you want to stay somewhere particular, book now with the option to cancel later. If you wait, it might be sold out.

No matter where you stay for your visit to Yellowstone, you’ll be close to one of the most magical places on earth. But planning and choosing a place to stay that fits your trip can make your experience at Yellowstone National Park even more spectacular and memorable.

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