Ski resorts make for amazing ski vacations.

Keep Your Ski Vacation Fun and Memorable with These 5 Tips

Ski resorts make for amazing ski vacations.

Planning a ski vacation? Lucky you! It’s one of our favorite types of winter trips. But between equipment, accommodation, lines, and snow conditions, there are a lot of factors that go into planning a fun and unforgettable ski trip.

So here are our top five tips to help you have a perfect ski vacation.

Ski Vacation Tip #1: Have Your Own Equipment? Love it? Bring it.

Bringing your own equipment for your ski vacation can be well worth the hassle.

Yes, you may have to pay extra baggage fees for your ski or snowboard equipment if you’re flying, and it may be a pain to lug it around with you while en route to your destination.

But…if you have equipment that you know well and is tailored to your body, it’s much better than renting, even if your ski vacation is only going to last a couple days.

I always bring my snowboard and boots with me on ski vacations because I have narrow feet and skinny ankles and it took me trying on every snowboard boot in the city of San Diego before I finally found a pair that fit well. My boots fit my bindings well so therefore I also want my snowboard.

—> Luggage Tip: Get a hard-sided case for safely transporting your skis or snowboard. This one even fits your boots as well!

For the average price of $25 for checking a bag, it still should be less expensive or on par with renting equipment.

If you don’t want to check a second bag, check out my tips for packing for a ski weekend all in one carry-on.

Stellar Ski Vacation Tip #2: Don’t Have Your Own Equipment? Rent Before You Get to the Mountain

If you’re staying at the ski resort, you can skip this tip. However, for those staying in town, check out rental shops in town and rent your ski or snowboard equipment the night before.

Not only is renting in town often cheaper than renting at the ski resort, you also then don’t have to wait in long lines and can hit the slopes as soon as you get to the mountain.

Ski Vacation Tip #3: Skip the Hotel and Stay in Someone’s Vacation Home

Hotels in popular ski towns can often be pretty expensive. You can usually find a better deal, with more space, by renting out someone’s vacation home.

Since most people who own homes or condos in ski towns don’t live there year round, they often will rent them out when they’re not staying there. Keep in mind that during peak times of the season there may be a minimum night stay requirement.

Websites such as,, or the city website can help you find rental accommodation for your ski vacation.

Ski Vacation Tip #4: Hit the Slopes Early

For the best snow of the day, get to the ski resort right when it opens.

You’ll be able to get a few good runs in before it starts to get icy or choppy from the day’s slaloming and shredding.

If you get tired before the day ends, no problem. Take off your skis or snowboard and spend the rest of your day relaxing with a hot cocoa or cold beer in the warm chalet. Or if the day is nice, do my favorite and grab a table outside so you can enjoy the mountain view while the sun is still shining.

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Ski Vacation Tip #5: Bring Friends

Lots of friends means lots of fun on and off the slops – and the likelihood of having a ski partner who matches your skill level. And, don’t forget the shotski! 😉

Don’t know what a shotski is? Click here to check one out!

Bonus Ski Vacation Tip: Stay Warm!

A ski vacation is not the time to skimp on warmth or throw in your old down jacket or thin gloves figuring they’ll be warm enough. To have a stellar time, you’ll need to invest in some high-quality gear — or beg a friend to borrow theirs.

Here’s our Top 10 Ski Packing List

  1. Wool Neck Gaiter or Balaclava
  2. Thick Waterproof Mittens (keeps your digits warmer than gloves)
  3. Wool Baselayers (think long underwear…but fancier and not as itchy)
  4. Cozy Helmet (safety first!)
  5. Wool Ski Socks
  6. Multi-Layered Ski Jacket with Powder Skirt (Helps keep the snow out)
  7. Waterproof, Insulated Snow Pants (Stay dry)
  8. Cute and Cozy Stocking Cap (for when the helmets off)
  9. Ski Goggles (Better protects your eyes from sun and cold)
  10. Easy-to-Pack Sunscreen (it might be cold, but the sunshine can still burn high atop the mountain!)

And here’s a great bag to keep it all organized when you head to the chalet:

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What’s your best ski vacation tip? And have you ever done the shotski? 🙂

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